100hz Sebastian Krüger

Home Assistant Config

Here is my Home Assistant config. Home Assistant is really awesome and with the new lovelace UI you even can create interactive floor plans!

Love HipHop Summer 2018

Loving the girls.


Now you easily can create dashboard web apps with hyperkiosk. Please see hyperkiosk-demo for a demo project using hyperkiosk.

It is a rework of my Leitstand framework, written in TypeScript and much more robust and usable.

Sympathy v2

Yay! I transferred the old flash app into a new three.js JS application. This was important for me, because i once made this for special person. See it in action. The app is also on GitHub


Tomorrow i will start my new job at Kaiser X Labs. I am kind of celebrating, so i created a new track. The drums are entirely sampled from HipHop tracks. I love this Techno style, like When i rock. More tracks to come :)