100hz Sebastian Krüger


Tomorrow i will start my new job at Kaiser X Labs. I am kind of celebrating, so i created a new track. The drums are entirely sampled from HipHop tracks. I love this Techno style, like When i rock. More tracks to come :)

HipHop DNA

These are 50 of my favourite american HipHop tracks and big part of my youth. The songs are not organized by coast, year or anything just collected and inhaled since 1997.

Thank HipHop!!!


This is an older project, but lets you synchronize an input stream (e.g. from Mopidy) and send it out to several AirPlay speakers. Aircast and an UI for controlling it via its API are OpenSource, of course. This might be obsolete with AirPlay2 in the future :)

Please check this awesome work and Aircast’s dependency: airtunes

Iryoku v1.1.5

I updated Iryoku to v1.1.5 with iOS11 compatibility and Cordova security fix! Had to change the Google Play store identifier, because my harddrive was broken and the Android keystore got lost. Here the current store entries:

Get it on Google Play


I am just cleaning up my GitHub repositories and found an old Flash animation of mine. It is a 3d piece created with PaperVision. I like it really much, so i want to keep it, also if Flash dies. Perhaps i can rework it with three.js and WebGL in the future… See it here