100hz Sebastian Krüger


Here my Slack bot which connects to Mopidy: dopebot

You can search Spotify and control Mopidy with according commands. The command interface is implemented with yargs.


Just finalized the first prototype of a dashboard framework for node.js.

It is only the server part (express / socket.io), one can create his own UI. I am planning to deliver some plugins, e.g. for JIRA, GitHub, etc. in the near future…

Update: 2018-05-12

Just rewriting Leitstand, please check hyperkiosk.


I am glad to announce zfunk-ui, a web client for zfunk: zfunk-ui

Built with angular, admin-lte and all the good stuff!


Just released the first version of my Z-Wave middleware: zfunk

I started with Z-Wave by buying a RaZberry daughter board for my Raspberry Pi. After testing several management applications, i decided to develop a solution by myself, because i was quite disappointed with the available apps. I want to have a robust and layered software architecture, which works well with my devices. And no all-in-one application, which may work with many devices, but not with mine very well. So i decided to begin with a simple REST server connected to the the Z-Wave controller to offer the OpenZwave API for the web and be consumed by other applications.

For Apple HomeKit support please try homebridge-zfunk.


Check my newest project: Hive

A simple framework for generating RESTful APIs with PHP and MongoDB. I started This project as proof of concept, that one can create RESTful APIs with PHP and MongoDB as simple as with node.js/express.js or similar frameworks/technologies.